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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
As someone who has been living with his head in the clouds for over 3 decades, it was obvious I was always looking for new stories to tell. I found a way to do that from an early age. Through a time machine that could capture not only a single moment but a bunch of them and make something extra-ordinairy out of it. Seeing the world through an extra lens is much more interesting. Add a little drama, with a mixture of fantasy and you've got yourself a tremendous cocktail of visual stimulans.
Finished a Master degree in Audio Visual Arts @ Brussels 2005.

Works in the field of fictional and non-fictional survey since 2006.

Reasons as a director. Editor. Actor. Anthropologist.

Interested in everything about film, theater and drama in general.

The fabric that moves man.

Intrigued by light and all that it touches.

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