About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
As someone who has been living with his head in the clouds for over 3 decades, it was obvious I was always looking for new stories to tell. I found a way to do that from an early age. Through a time machine that could capture not only a single moment but a bunch of them and make something extra-ordinairy out of it. Seeing the world through an extra lens is much more interesting. Add a little drama, with a mixture of fantasy and you've got yourself a tremendous cocktail of visual stimulans.
Finished a Master degree in Audio Visual Arts @ Brussels 2005.

Works in the field of fictional and non-fictional survey since 2006.

Reasons as a director. Editor. Actor. Anthropologist.

Interested in everything about film, theater and drama in general.

The fabric that moves man.

Intrigued by light and all that it touches.


Laat van je horen!

Dan voegen wij graag beeld bij het woord.
hallo@deamberman.be  |  +32 472 456 281
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